Our Values


Rehabilitation is all we do. At our hospital, every decision, resource and policy is designed to support our team. With specialized tools and cutting-edge technology, we deliver the most advanced rehabilitation care available with compassion and enthusiasm. Our values are always focused on doing what’s right for each and every patient – delivering quality, cost-effective care with integrity and respect.

Patient Experience

At our hospital, our employees have made a choice to make a difference.  We continually strive to improve the patient experience, which requires a team of dedicated professionals to lead the way.  It is our goal to provide our patients with unparalleled care delivered with comfort, professionalism, and respect, CPR for short, to continually improve each patient’s experience at our hospital. 

Our CPR program guides the way we provide care to our patients and how we work together as a cohesive, interdisciplinary team.  By treating our patients and our coworkers with Comfort, Professionalism, and Respect, HealthSouth leads the way in patient-centered care.   

We invite you to learn more about us.  Click here to view our mission statement and click here to meet our leadership team.

Comfort, Professionalism and Respect

The Comfort, Professionalism and Respect (CPR) program is a core belief and attitude that is valued by our CEO.  Specific committees are spearheaded by people with strong ideas and a passion to strive for excellent patient experiences.  In addition, communicating our patient satisfaction survey scores has become a standard agenda item at all hospital meeting. 

Employee Spotlight

I am particularly impressed by the accessibility to advanced continuing education on stroke rehabilitation through HealthSouth’s reimbursement program.
Tahina Fleurima

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Patient Testimonial

Harry Newell
During my evaluation, the therapists asked what my goal was, and I said I wanted to walk again and have a normal life. They made me feel my goal was possible.
Harry Newell

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